Sibedge’s CTO Becomes a Guest on Nerds Out Of Water Podcast

Sibedge’s CTO Seva Morotsky became a guest on Nerds Out Of Water, an Australian podcast on the IT industry and technology.

The podcast hosts Michael Lobb and David Camus talk business and entrepreneurship as technical experts. Michael has been working in the IT industry for over 25 years and founded the software development company Teamscāl. David runs One Bright Cloud, an AI smart city and self-driving car company.

Seva himself has come a long way in the IT industry in 20+ years from software development to project management, business process optimization and B2B sales. As a CTO, he defines and shapes Sibedge's technical strategy and develops optimal business solutions and successful services.

The hosts and the guest covered many topics including software development, entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, neural networks and cloud solutions. They discussed the role of the CTO in modern IT in great detail. Seva emphasized that technical directors shall still continue developing their software projects, even non-commercial ones. There are, for example, pet projects. They bring joy and help stay up to date on industry trends and news.

Sibedge is also investing in Open Source development. For instance, the company has developed an open source network security solution the source code of which can be downloaded from GitHub. Another development available to everyone is the PLV8 Framework, an extension for the PostgreSQL DBMS that allows to execute functions in JavaScript. To facilitate the installation of the PLV8 extension, Sibedge engineers created a special tool as a back-end for front-end solution for Linux and Docker available to everyone to download and use.

There were some ad hoc questions to Seva. The hosts asked what Seva would do if he hadn’t gone to IT? He answered that since his childhood he had been dreaming of space exploration and would probably be working in the space industry now. Sibedge’s CTO also believes that in the near future we will have a breakthrough in the field of neural interfaces when people will be able to control devices and applications using their thoughts.


Nerds Out Of Water is a place where the hosts discuss technological topics that go beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone (hence the name, referring to fish washed ashore). Together with invited guests, the hosts try to understand how technology will affect the world around us and our lives as well as analyze the issues that IT professionals face.

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