Sibedge’s Head of Sales at an International Meetup on Business Opportunities in Australia

On 20 April 2022, Andrew Podlesnykh, the Head of Sales at Sibedge, spoke at a meetup of international IT professionals in the Turkish city of Kas. The community of IT specialists hailed from different countries and cultural backgrounds and mostly encompassed digital nomads who worked remotely in various companies and had multiple business projects, e.g. a co-living or a food delivery service.

At the meetup, Andrew elaborated on the growth opportunities in Australia and how to pursue them. Years ago, Sibedge was particularly interested in that market so it began exploring the ways to deepen it. Nowadays the company operates as a local one in the Australian market and has a lot of experience and expertise to share. Sibedge's CTO is based in Perth, and we have an office there to assist our Australian colleagues and clients.

Sure, the journey was not easy. In his speech, Andrew touched upon the challenges Sibedge faced when entering the Australian market as well as what helped the company to successfully develop its business in the country.

Here’re some of the key takeaways:

  • Price transparency matters a lot to Australians. Local companies compare the cost of hiring external developers with the cost of having in-house specialists. They are ready to pay more for solving complex technical issues.
  • Australian executives are not fully satisfied with the quality of Asian specialists’ work and carefully study the companies from other regions.
  • When working with Australians, be prepared to witness late payments and slow communication.
  • Locals are more willing to partner with the companies that are legally registered in Australia. A piece of advice from Sibedge: when entering the market, register a legal entity. If there is any conflict, the losses are made up for. For Australians it is a sort of an insurance and a guarantee that the proper level of service will be delivered.
  • Your experience in the local market and the opinion of colleagues from local companies make a difference. Potential customers may ask for the contact information of the Australian clients you worked with before.
  • Australians value partnership on a personal level. Communication should go beyond the business framework.

Australia has been recently becoming an increasingly lucrative market for IT businesses.The country is politically stable, has regulatory transparency, and is among the top 12 countries in the world on the Index of Economic Freedom.

Our findings also highlight the need for digitalization in logistics, education, insurance, eHealth and FinTech. The shortage of software developers in the country reached a record 260,000 people in 2021. Besides, about a third of Australia's population are expats who were born outside the country. They are more open to cooperation with foreign companies. On top of it all, the state offers almost no help to the businesses which makes them seek assistance with digitalization among foreign IT services providers.

The event was a great opportunity to share experience with colleagues from different countries and identify current trends. We were happy to be a part of it and look forward to participating in similar initiatives in the future.